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The foundation of our program for success in barrel racing and pole bending is built upon the following key factors:

Broodmares, we believe, provide their offspring with the majority of their natural ability and potential. If a broodmare produces a champion once, she’s more likely to do it again regardless of the sire. She’s also more likely to produce a champion if she was a champion herself. In our program, a champion broodmare who can produce champions is our most valuable asset.

Stallions we choose specifically to compliment our broodmares. Although a stallion can also provide great potential for success in his offspring, we rely on the stallion only to improve the mare where she is weak. Of course, a stallion who provides the best cross on our mare and who is also a champion himself is the optimum.

Conformation is a major factor in the long term success of a barrel horse. Although it determines (to varying degrees) the physical ability of a horse, we believe it primarily contributes to the length of a horse’s career and to the overall soundness of that horse during the course of its career.

Mental ability is a key factor for success, especially in the earlier years of a horse’s career. The more educated a young horse is, the more mentally mature he becomes, the more likely he is to perform consistently to his potential. However, the "X" factor, the desire and willingness to go beyond that potential, is a function of that individual’s personality and we believe, once again, can be directly linked to that horse’s mother.

Physical ability is certainly a product of conformation and breeding, but must be coupled with mental ability and desire to result in a true champion.

Nutrition, during all phases of a horse’s life, is critical. Its purpose is to maintain the overall health of the animal, not to compensate for weaknesses in the areas of physical and mental ability. Balancing vitamins and minerals while meeting the overall energy needs of the horse is the goal…nothing more, nothing less.

Medical care, with a horse just as it is with a person, should be the responsibility of a professional. Our responsibility as owners is to ensure that medical care is obtained in a timely fashion from a licensed veterinarian, and that follow up care is strictly adhered to. As with nutrition, medication was not meant to compensate for a lack of physical or mental ability in the horse, but only to promote overall health.

Hoof care, done at regular intervals by a professional farrier, is also imperative. When done incorrectly or irregularly, injuries and lameness can result. A natural angle and shape to the hoof should be maintained at all times unless a specific variance is recommended by a veterinarian for health reasons.


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