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We focus on providing a quality education to all of the following:

Horse athletes begin their education from the time they are born. They learn to trust and to respect people through consistent interaction. They learn physical skills from a variety of disciplines (basic horsemanship maneuvers, reining, working cow horse, mountain backpacking, cattle roundups, and of course, advanced barrel racing and pole bending). They also learn mental coping skills such as patience and manners by being exposed to a variety of stressful situations both at and away from home. Through correctness, repetition, consistency and variety we strive to produce barrel horses with unparalleled educations.

Denise herself is constantly striving to improve both her knowledge and her training techniques. She regularly attends clinics sponsored by other professionals and researches materials provided by leaders of all areas of the horse industry. She will also seek one-on-one instruction from respected individuals to ensure she is continually improving herself and her training business.

Buyers of Denise Taylor Barrel Horses are provided with a myriad of information geared toward success with their individual horse athlete. They are advised on their individualís health care and nutritional needs. They are shown the basics of their horseís education and advised of any problem areas. They are coached on how to effectively and successfully compete on their animal. They are provided with suggestions on how to keep their horse physically fit, properly tuned, and mentally fresh for competition. Education of the buyer and horse team continues throughout the first year of ownership.


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